"Hongxin Development (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd." is a Hong Kong enterprise integrating production, trading, and wholesale. The company specializes in the production and customization of various disposable food packaging containers and supplies. 
   The products produced and operated by the company include: "lunch boxes, plastic cups, paper cups (disposable hot cups, milk tea cups), plastic bowls, sushi boxes, fruit boxes, food trays, various food packaging boxes", etc. The customers are mainly domestic Major supermarket chains, food companies and export sales (including Hong Kong).
      All our products are made of "highly transparent" "food grade" environmentally friendly imported materials to ensure that they meet the standards of "safety", "health" and "environmental protection", so that our customers can use them more "rest assured"! 
         "High quality, low price, safety and hygiene" is our corporate purpose! 
         Customized samples are welcome, and inquiries are welcome!