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      Lunch Box, Cake Box, Bread / Deli Box, Fruit / Vegetable / Raw Meat / Deli Box, Salad Box, Sushi / Deli Box, Tray 
Years of disposable tableware research and development experience, professional quality is guaranteed! 
Focus on many years of disposable tableware, with rich production experience, successfully serving countless customers and businesses! 
Our products cater to the world trend of “green, environmental protection”!
Our products are “green, environmentally friendly” materials, which cater to the current world trend! 
“Customer first” is our experience concept!
Our many years of "customer first" business philosophy has won the recognition and praise of customers!
HONGXIN DEVELOPMENT (HK) LTD  ——  Work with you to create a better future
HONG XIN DEVELOPMENT (HK) LTD —— Work with you create a better future !
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